Industrial containers for liquids, foods and chemicals.

From 1989 to today, the Azzini S.p.A. has developed a very wide range of industrial containers, responding to the best market needs. We offer tanks and cisterns in stainless steel, made with raw materials from the best steel mills and handcrafted in every detail. Our production of industrial containers and vessels is dedicated to various sectors: food and dairy products, Oenological and oil industry, chemical and pharmaceutical, beverage, construction sites and constructions, Etc. .. We propose standard solutions, Homologated and special according to your needs, and industrial containers with features and accessories that can be customized for each type of intervention (storage , transport, process, etc.). If you are looking for a reliable partner for your company, as a supplier of tanks and cisterns, discover our lines of industrial containers and select, with the support of our staff, those most suitable for you.

In the production, we are unlimited! In customer satisfaction, too! Every request, even the most complex, stimulates the various working groups, from design to implementation, installation, care, to do their best, in compliance with current regulations, applied also in the interest of our customers.


Diary and confectionery

Storage systems for food liquids (milk, whey, etc.), tanks with stirrers, industrial containers for the processing of desserts and dairy products and other solutions for the food sector. Find out more and choose the right type for your needs!

Oenology and oil

Storage systems and cisterns for wine, vessels manual or automatic unloading winemakers, tanks with mixer and oil containers, including IBCs tanks for process and transport. High quality tanks for wine and oil producers

Beer and beverages

We offer a wide range of solutions, aimed at the beverage sector: tanks and fermenters with PED testing, cookers, whirlpools and other industrial containers, specially developed for companies producing beer and beverages

Chemical and pharmaceutical

For the storage and transportation of chemicals, both dangerous and non-hazardous, we have a complete line of industrial containers: for ink, for paints, for paint, for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals … and much more more ..

Temperature control

We offer new generation industrial containers, equipped with sophisticated temperature control systems: an effective solution for companies that deal with easily perishable genera, chemicals, etc. Find out more!

Construction sites and constructions

For the realization large storage points, for the transport of building materials and for any other needed , we build, inside the shipyards, machinery and vessels for the conservation and control of the goods, with dimensions up to 5,000,000 l.