Containers for the food industry

Azzini S.p.A. manufactures containers for the food industry in stainless steel, designed specifically to meet the needs of the dairy and confectionery sector.
Reference partners of large international groups, thanks to the considerable experience gained in these specific sectors, Azzini S.p.A. offers high-performance tanks and tanks in stainless steel, such as special containers for the food industry. In the last two decades there have been large concentrations of production, which have enormously implemented the volumes to be stored and, therefore, process problems such as, for example, the phases of maturation / fermentation of the products and the sanitizing of the plants. The containers for the food industry we manufacture meet these needs, allowing a wide range of operations.
Furthermore, we constantly adapt our production to the current European standards.

Contenitori e miscelatori per liquidi alimentari azzini
azzini contenitori

Stirring systems: another plus

The correct mixing of the product is a fundamental aspect to avoid stratifications and guarantee homogeneous temperatures in the working phases. Each agitator is studied specifically for the specific project, taking into account both the product and the geometry of the containers for the food industry. Particular attention is given to the gear-motor and to the structure of the agitator itself, in order to reduce energy consumption to a minimum and also to avoid damaging heating systems.


Safe dairy

  • Storage tanks of raw materials such as milk, cream, whey, etc.

  • Aseptic tanks (P.E.D. tested)

  • Milk floating system for Grana Padano and Parmigiano Reggiano

  • Maturation containers for cream and yogurt

  • Crystallizers for whey

  • Fermenters

  • Tanks for C.I.P.

  • Steel also for sweets

    • Storages for cocoa mass

  • Storages for cocoa butter

  • Storages for honey

  • Chocolate mixers

  • Creams mixers

  • Anhydrous creams mixers

  • Ice cream bases mixers

  • Fusers for butter pats